Networking Job Family

Individuals within the Networking career progression family are primarily responsible for analyzing, designing, installing, administering, maintaining, and troubleshooting network systems. They participate in capacity planning, support the creation and the maintenance of network disaster recovery plans, and monitor all network performance activities. They also screen the network for attempted intrusions as well as design and implement appropriate network security measures and procedures.

Individuals are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of network services software and the analysis of network performance. They are routinely involved with the configuration and maintenance of physical and logical network components. They also provide support for network issues that come through the customer service center. Senior professionals within this job family are additionally involved with planning and designing the network infra-structure and enterprise network solutions.

Individuals act as project team members or leaders, depending on the scope of the project. They demonstrate a high level of knowledge surrounding general data networks and display strong troubleshooting skills. Individuals are also skilled in the use of network diagnostic tools and software aids for the investigation of network problems.

Career Ladder Position descriptions

Network Technician
Senior Network Technician
Network Engineer
Senior Network Engineer
Chief Network Engineer

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