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Student Photo Rosters Now Available for Past Courses

May 3, 2010. Faculty no longer need to search the recesses of their memory to picture the faces of students who have long since graduated from Pepperdine University. Pepperdine IT's PeopleSoft team recently announced the newest upgrade to the WaveNet portal: photo class rosters for past courses beginning in fall 2008.

PeopleSoft student services went "live" at Pepperdine in fall 2008 and for the first time it began to host course information along side student information. As a result of this implementation, current photo class rosters were made available to faculty in October 2009, allowing instructors to see images of students who were currently enrolled in their courses.


class photo roster in WaveNet


Today, faculty are able to see a class photo roster for any course dating back to the fall 2008 semester. As the years progress, these rosters will be continuously available to the faculty who taught the course.

The current class photo rosters are available as soon as one student registers for a course, and throughout the semester the rosters are automatically updated as students add and drop courses.

In addition to the new functionality, the PeopleSoft team removed the previous limitation that allowed faculty to view only rosters for courses with fewer than 250 students.

Looking forward, the PeopleSoft team is working closely with the Technology and Learning group to integrate the photo class rosters with Sakai, one of Pepperdine's learning management systems. This integration will allow faculty to view photos of students in the same online environment that hosts their course syllabus and reading materials.

As part of Information Technology, the PeopleSoft team collaborates with a core team of University representatives to improve the performance of the WaveNet portal and to add valuable services to the lives of faculty, staff, and students.

Note: All student first and last names and identification numbers in the images on this page are fake.