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Yale University Models Campus-wide Evaluation after Timothy Chester's TechQual+ Research Project

Yale University's Information Technology Services is conducting a campus-wide evaluation of community satisfaction with university technology services. The survey is modeled after Pepperdine's annual TechQual+ survey.

The TechQual+ survey contains 18 core questions designed to measure the performance of an IT organization in the following areas: connectivity and access, technology and technology services, and end user experience. The project is a nation-wide effort led by Pepperdine's vice provost and chief information officer, Dr. Timothy M. Chester. Currently there are more than 50 institutions participating in the project. Institutions that participate can choose to submit their data to the TechQual+ peer database and are granted access to survey results of other institutions. Here they can view trends about how students, faculty, and staff across the nation view university technology services.

Yale's Information Technology Services has not conducted a survey this comprehensive for about 12 years. The survey went live on March 29, 2011 and will remain open until the end of their term.

Read the article in the Yale Daily News.

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