New Software Eliminates 12 Hour Maintenance Windows for PeopleSoft on Sundays

The following applications will remain available every Sunday morning, from 12:00 am (midnight) to 12:00 pm (noon). Due to the implementation of new software, Oracle's NetApp SnapManager, IT staff no longer needs to take down the following applications for backup and will remain available unless specified by IT staff.

  • WaveNet Portal
  • Finance Application
  • Human Resource Application
  • Student Administration Application

Prior to the implementation of NetApp SnapManager, the Sunday 12 hour maintenance window was used for performing PeopleSoft database cold backups and occasional planned maintenance. This would cause a major disruption to students who needed to access the WaveNet portal or other applications over the weekend.

Cold backups are when the PeopleSoft database is taken offline to perform backups. Databases are taken offline so that data is not being accessed or updated during backups, which could cause errors if data was in the process of being copied.

With SnapManager, this backup process is now automated and creates near-instant, copies and clones of PeopleSoft data. This project is a great example of how IT staff are utilizing new technology to better manage and secure the University's data while improving the student experience by eliminating downtime for much-needed applications.