John Buckingham promoted to lead instructional consultant in Technology and Learning

John Buckingham

John C. Buckingham was recently promoted to Lead Instructional Consultant in the Technology and Learning group. Prior to his new role, Johnserved as a client technologies analyst with Information Technology's graduate support group foralmost five years.

His primary dutieswithin TechLearn include consulting with faculty on the pedagogical utility of both Courses (powered by Sakai) and Adobe Connect and researching new and innovative learning technologies for the University.

"After spending several years as client technologies analyst at the Irvine campus, John is not only bringing his technology skills to theTechnology and Learning team but is passionate about learning," said Varun Khanna, manager of TechLearn. "I am excited to have John in his new role.. I have no doubt that he is going to excel in his new position. Welcome and congratulations, John!"

John has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from University of California, Irvine and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts degreein Religious Studies from California State University Long Beach.John hopes to bring in his love for the humanities and technology to provide greater value in teaching and learningat Pepperdine. He loves technology, history, languages and the merging of all three.


Varun Khanna named manager of Technology and Learning group

Varun Khanna

This past December, Varun Khanna was named manager of Technology and Learning (TechLearn). Prior to his new leadership role, Varun was a lead instructional consultant on the TechLearn team.

"What excites me about Technology and Learning is being able to empower faculty and the new digital citizen student to be engaged is new ways with learning technologies," said Varun. "It is exciting to be a part of this evolving landscape that will redefine not only the way we teach but, learn."

By partnering and collaborating with Pepperdine faculty the TechLearn group helps find solutions, researching new learning technologies and looking ahead so that to ensure Pepperdine is current, relevant and blazing new trails in the teaching and learning realm.

In the near future, Varun says TechLearn will be working on several projects using new learning technologies. They are working to create Courses (powered by Sakai) and Adobe Connect content that aims to be informational, interactive and assess learning.

"New technologies have dramatically changed the way we consume information," says Varun. "New forms of literacies demand that our interaction with information and knowledge is transformative. We are now working on learning technology content that aims to do just that. We will also have the first online teaching Faculty Professional Development week-long workshop at the West LA campus in summer 2015."

"Technology & Learning exists because of our faculty. We want our Pepperdine faculty to know that in us they have not just a resource, but a team that champions tirelessly to partner and collaborate with them on learning technologies and instructional design," concluded Varun.