Landon Phillips Invited to Present on Gamification at Open SUNY Summit

Landon Phillips at SUNY SummitIn February, Landon Phillips, multimedia specialist for IT's Technology and Learning group, was invited to give a presentation on gamification at the Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence (COTE) annual summit held in Syracuse, NY. Landon's presentation titled, The Game is Afoot: How Game-Based Learning Can Transform a Class Both On and Offline, helped introduce the idea of creating a more engaging learning environment by "game-ifying" a curriculum.

"The biggest takeaway I'd want professors to go home with was that even if game-based learning isn't for them," said Landon Phillips. "I urge them to at least re-examine their content and question why they do things the way they do. That way they can add something fresh to their course - either a new tool, new teaching strategy, SOMETHING that isn't stale. It illustrates that there is always room for improvement, and it's our responsibility as educators to be constantly looking for how to improve."

In Landon's presentation, he included a real-time audience polling system to help gauge what content to cover for his presentation.

"My favorite part was including audience based polling into my presentation that changed the presentation on the fly according to poll results," said Landon. "In other words, I had the audience vote on what they wanted me to focus on the most, and had some tricks and links in my deck that allowed me to shuffle the order of the presentation in real time, instantly. It was like a 'Choose your own adventure' powerpoint."

Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence (COTE) annual summit brings together advanced online practitioners who are experts in online program administration, online faculty development/instructional design, online instruction and online support to discuss new innovations and ideas in online teaching.

Open SUNY, sponsor of the summit, is a program designed by the State University of New York to maximize online-enabled learning opportunities for students who are seeking a quality higher education.