Pepperdine IT Advisory: High Sierra OS 10.13 Upgrade

September 25, 2017

On Monday, September 25, 2017, Apple released macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). Due to known challenges and incompatibilities with this release, Pepperdine IT recommends that you delay upgrading your Apple computer to this new operating system. Known issues with High Sierra (10.13) include problems with Microsoft Office, Adobe products, whole disk encryption, device management, and several other applications.

Pepperdine IT does NOT currently support High Sierra on university-owned machines at this time.

Please remain on your current macOS version until Apple and other software vendors resolve issues with High Sierra. We will continue to update this page and let you know via email when Pepperdine IT has determined that it is generally safe to upgrade your macOS.

Best Practices

To work and teach effectively, it's important to keep your system up-to-date and secure. At the same time, it's important to follow best practices before applying a major system upgrade to avoid issues.


Maintain current system backups of your computer and mobile devices to minimize data loss in the event of hard drive failure or problems after a major system upgrade.

"Update" Regularly

An update keeps your currently installed operating system up-to-date with security and performance fixes. Updates can occur several times a year, monthly, or even weekly in some cases, for example, updating your macOS Yosemite from 10.10.4 to 10.10.5. Please also use Pepperdine Browser Check and make sure our University Device Management Client is installed to keep other software secure.

Evaluate Major "Upgrades" Before Installing

Major system upgrades, like the High Sierra upgrade, happen infrequently, perhaps once a year, every other year, or longer. A major upgrade involves significant changes to a system and early adoption often leads to significant challenges. It can take weeks or months for software vendors to identify and resolve problems related to new operating systems. As stated above, please do not upgrade your university-owned Mac to High Sierra.


Current Compatibility Status of Commonly Used Applications




University anti-virus (Sophos) Compatible with known issues Compatible with updates to the Sophos Software.
University whole disk encryption Compatible  
University device management Compatible Testing complete
Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Not Compatible No Longer Supported
Adobe Acrobat 2017 Potentially Compatible Testing in progress. See Acrobat 2017 System Requirements
Adobe Connect Potentially Compatible Testing in progress. See Connect System Requirements
Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, Premiere, and other CC programs Potentially Compatible Adobe has identified compatibility issues with many of the Creative Cloud Programs. See compatibility issues for Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.
Sharp Printer Drivers Potentially Compatible Testing has been successful, but no official word from Sharp. Many models still list macOS 10.12 (Sierra) as the latest version for the print drivers.
ExamSoft Not Compatible ExamSoft System Requirements
Finale Potentially Compatible Finale Blog Confirms compatibility, but still needs some testing.
Firefox Compatible Firefox System Requirements
G Suite Compatible Web Tool not dependent on the operating system.
Google Chrome Potentially Compatible Testing in progress
Microsoft Office 2011 Not Compatible Not Supported.
Microsoft Office 2016 Compatible with known issues Microsoft Office Support Website
Pro Tools Not Compatible Pro Tools Operating System Compatibility
SPSS Statistics Not Compatible IBM SPSS does not support High Sierra (10.13) for any version of SPSS at this time. They hope to support SPSS with High Sierra on SPSS 25 FixPack 1.
Adobe Flash Potentially Compatible See Flash System Requirements.
Cisco Jabber Potentially Compatible Compatible with software update to Jabber.
Java Unconfirmed Testing in progress
Cisco VPN Unconfirmed Testing in progress
Logic Pro X Potentially Compatible Compatible with software updates to Logic Pro.
Final Cut Pro X Potentially Compatible Compatible with software updates to Final Cut Pro.

Last Update: 10/25/2017

  • Several software vendors have not updated system requirements list to include High Sierra support. Software may or may not run properly.
  • Several other specialty applications also reported as incompatible such as AutoCAD, select audio/sound applications, screenwriting software, video editing software, and many others.

Pepperdine IT cannot test every application on every operating system. Users should check with the vendors of any critical software applications to evaluate potential compatibility issues.

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