Activate Alumni Account

Activation instructions

Eligible alumni will receive an email entitled "New Alumni Email Service" containing their new alumni email address and instructions on how to activate it. Eligible Pepperdine alumni have successfully graduated from Pepperdine (or discontinued from their program with at least 12 earned units) starting with the spring, 2016 semester.

Alumni Email Access for Active Students and Employees

If you become an eligible Pepperdine alumnus/a after spring, 2016 and you continue to maintain your Pepperdine student or employee status, you will keep your original Pepperdine email account. Additionally, you can have an alumni email account as well. In other words, you can have both Pepperdine email accounts for the duration of that additional active status.

Alternate Email Address Requirement

During the Google setup process, alumni will be required to provide their alternate email address &/or mobile phone number for automated password resets. Without this information, they can be permanently locked out from their accounts.

Lost Activation Email

Alumni who have misplaced Pepperdine's "New Alumni Email Service" letter with their new alumni email address and activation instructions, should follow these steps:

  1. Verify eligible alumni status by successfully graduating from Pepperdine, (or discontinuing from their program with at least 12 earned units), starting with the spring, 2016 semester.
  2. From within your student Pepperdine email account or your alternate email account provided when still a student, do an email search for the subject line: "New Alumni Email Service." The "New Alumni Email Service" letter should show up in that search.
  3. If the previous steps are not successful, notify the Pepperdine University IT Service Desk of the misplaced "New Alumni Email Service" letter. Alumni should be prepared to provide the month and year they became eligible Pepperdine alumni and their alternate email address used as a student at Pepperdine.

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