A Message From the CIO


Dear Pepperdine Colleagues,

I'd like to start with a BIG THANK YOU for your partnership and making 2013 another successful year for Pepperdine University. Twenty-thirteen was a significant year for Information Technology, particularly in the strategic advancement and use of simple technologies in our day-to-day work to provide faculty, staff and students with the best services and experiences possible.

Throughout the year, our work in IT was engaging, transparent, strategic, and aimed towards setting the stage for Pepperdine's next growth. Our efforts can be simply summarized in one hashtag ... #Catalyst4Change.

As "Catalyst for Change" agents, IT staff members put their heads together and collaborate with their Pepperdine colleagues to solve problems and introduce better ways of doing business. To serve effectively in this proactive capacity, we needed to learn and understand the University's business. So in January 2013, the IT Leadership Council began reaching out to community members, inviting them on a monthly basis to share the nature of their business and how they have used technology as an enabler. More importantly, the council was (and remains) interested in learning about user pain points and in determining ways to solve them. In 2013, we welcomed and learned from colleagues from the five schools and key offices. This proactive approach has been both informative and useful in our planning and execution.

Similarly, the formation of the CIO Strategic Technology Alliance (CIO-STA), with representation from schools and other major areas, has proven to be a great collection of thought leaders in the advanced use of technology at Pepperdine. The CIO-STA deserves the credit for bringing to Pepperdine EchoSign, a digital signature tool that is featured in this annual report.

In this annual report, you will also read about how we have contributed to enhancing staff productivity through Device Management and how we have streamlined the password reset process. I hope you will enjoy reading this report.

As your CIO, I believe plenty of opportunities await us to take our institution to the next level. As your colleague, I look forward to partnering with you and taking advantage of these opportunities. 


Jonathan See catalyst4change