A Message from the CIO


Dear Pepperdine Colleagues,

It's amazing how quickly 2014 flew by. A little over a year ago, I had the honor of writing a community message for the 2014 Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, recognizing his leadership and never-ending pursuit for greatness for his country. In my message titled "Change Does Not Just Happen; We Need to Create It," I challenged us to do at least one thing better than we have in the past and serve as a Catalyst for Change agent to bring greatness to our University. All this led to Information Technology Division's "Efficiency Gains" campaign.

Throughout 2014, IT focused on extending current technology solutions to improve business processes and in turn reduce operational costs for various groups throughout the University. For example, our partnership with the Registrar's Office, Graziadio, GSEP and Seaver on Class Roster Audits have successfully led to a streamlined business process that eliminated over 2,000 back-and-forth email messages throughout the academic year and saved the groups and our faculty hundreds of hours combined in updating class rosters. In the process, we improved data accuracy and integrity.

IT also introduced new solutions to improving the institution's way in doing business. Through its partnership with the CIO Strategic Technology Alliance, IT introduced Digital Signatures that vastly improved (and sped up) document signing throughout the University. As a result of the Digital Signatures initiative, Pepperdine earned the Model of Efficiency award from University Business Magazine in June 2014. The Engaging Waves CRM initiative is off to a great start with Seaver College, the Graziadio School, and GSEP operating out of a single recruitment platform, focusing their efforts on truly engaging our prospects and responding to their inquiries, and positioning Pepperdine in a very favorable spot in recruiting tomorrow's students.

One key strategic partnership worth highlighting in this annual report is IT's collaboration with Seaver's Natural Science Division in introducing a formal internship program that affords Computer Science seniors the opportunity to apply application development theories learned in class onto solving real business problems and inefficiencies here at Pepperdine. I am very pleased to share that with just one semester into this program, we are seeing great progress from Pepperdine's brightest. The projects that our two interns are working on will have a positive impact in our community long after they graduate and best of all, they can proudly highlight their work experience in their resumes and in turn, position themselves with a distinct advantage over other job-seeking candidates.

IT's Efficiency Gains campaign has one primary focus only - Giving our students the best experience possible and contributing to their success. These partnerships and collaborations are integral to Pepperdine's success and for each of them, I am grateful for the joint efforts in enhancing our students' experience and in helping Pepperdine achieve greatness.

Here's to #EfficiencyGains2015.

 Jonathan See

Jonathan See
Chief Information Officier