Special Thanks to our Partners

We would like to give thanks to the people who partner with us on a daily basis to ensure the success of technology initiatives. Your effort, patience, guidance, and enthusiasm are critical to our work and we share the success and accomplishments of these initiatives with you.

In addition, the following people have lent their time, guidance, and collaboration to the IT division this past year in copious abundance, for which we are especially grateful:

Michael Avery, Mark Berneche, Shimeka Bruton, Ann Ching, Jaimie Beth Colvin, Brad Cupp, Jim DiLellio, Timothy Dong, Barry Fike, Deborah Galuhn, Reyna Garcia Ramos, Osvaldo Gomez, Marian Guirguis, Chris Heard, Tammy Hong, Vice Provost Lee Kats, Arminda Lerma, Janet Lockhart, Alisa Lopez, Dennis Lowe, Provost Rick Marrs, Juan Mena, Kevin Miller, Barbara Moore, Lynn Newman, Valerie Nowacki, Leslie Owens, Reyn Oyadomori, Bobby Patsios, Ezra L. Plank, Linda Polin, Linda Purrington, Bryan Reeder, Ashish Regmi, Eva Reid, Jeff Schieberl, Jennifer Smith, Paul Sparks, Victoria Stay, Paul Stenis, Chris Stivers, Jane Tado, Samantha Tarin, Marc Vinyard, Stan Warford, Kim Weiss, Dean Helen Easterling Williams, the Technology and Learning Faculty Steering Committee, the Finance Office, the Seaver Financial Aid, Seaver Admissions, Human Resources, the Natural Science Division, the Student Employment office, Pepperdine's Constituent Relationship Managment team, Registrar's Office, Pepperdine Libraries, International Programs, and the Chief Information Officer Strategic Technology Alliance.

Thanks to all of you!

– Information Technology Staff