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Pepperdine Email Upgrade

Limitless Accessibility to Communicate with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

The Email Upgrade Project was completed on June 13, 2016. For the most up-to-date information regarding Pepperdine email, visit our email homepage


Get Started

  1. Set Chrome as your default browser. You will have the best experience using Google Chrome to access Google Mail. Safari and Firefox will also work.
  2. Set your Pepperdine Google account as your default Google account:
    • Log out of all Google Accounts in Chrome.
    • Sign into your Pepperdine Google account by visiting email.pepperdine.edu.
  3. Sign into Chrome on your computer using your Pepperdine user account to easily keep you logged into your Pepperdine Google Apps. Set your email and calendar tabs to always open with Chrome by right clicking on the tab and selecting "Pin Tab." NOTE: Never sign into Chrome on a shared or public computer.
  4. Set Google Mail as your default email client so that any email address links will open in Google Mail and not your previous email client.
  5. Set the Pepperdine Email Information page as a bookmark to find details and instructions for using the most common tools and features in Google Mail and Calendar.

Get Access

Google Mail: email.pepperdine.edu
Calendar: calendar.pepperdine.edu
Drive: drive.pepperdine.edu

Get Training

G Suite Interactive Training: bitly.com/EmailUpgradeSynergyse
Hands on Training: bitly.com/EmailUpgradeTraining
Video Playlist Training: bitly.com/EmailUpgradeVideos

Get Answers

Email Hompage: community.pepperdine.edu/it/tools/email
Frequently Asked Questions: bitly.com/EmailUpgradeFAQ
Google Apps Learning Center: http://apps.google.com/learning-center/


Request Delegate Access to Group/Shared Accounts: bitly.com/EmailUpgradeDelegate

Request Assistance Transferring your Archives/PSTs: bitly.com/EmailUpgradePST


Ask for Help: Call the IT Service Desk at 310-506-4357

Looking for your Exchange/Outlook inbox? You can still view your old inbox until January February 13, 2017 by going to webmail.pepperdine.edu and entering your Network ID and Password. Before your NetworkID, indicate the domain by adding "pepperdine\" for faculty and staff email accounts and "student\" for student email accounts. Read more on our webmail information page.



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