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Keep Windows Office Programs Up to Date

Windows computer users can now receive updates automatically for their Windows operating system, their Microsoft Office suite, and other Microsoft programs using the Microsoft Update process. It works with your Windows Automatic Updates setting to keep your computer software up to date with no need to check manually for updates.

If you ever want to check for Microsoft Office updates manually, you can follow these instructions.

Check for Office Product Updates

If you want to check manually for Microsoft Office updates, you will need to go to the Office for Windows Update web site.

Please note that although Microsoft may slightly modify the look, wording and sequence of the windows shown below, the basic method of update checking and installation remains the same.

On the Downloads screen (below), single-click on Check for Updates in the Office Update box.

Downloads Link

If you are asked if you want to install and run the Detection Engine, click the YES button; but do not place a check in the box in front of "Always trust content from Microsoft Corporation".

Detection Engine

At this point Microsoft will compare your version of Office against all updates for that version to see if there are any updates missing from your version.

Office Update

You will be presented with a window that contains one of two messages. Either:

  1. "Your Office products do not need any updates."; or
  2. "The following updates are available..."

If you receive the first message, you are finished. If you receive the second message, proceed with the installation steps below.

Install Office Product Updates

Place a check in the box that precedes each update patch you want to install. Here are some comments:

  • You should install all available Office patches. If you have any doubt, call the IT Help Desk at 310-506-HELP (4357).
  • At the start of installation, you will need to insert your Office CD (if your Office programs were installed from a purchased CD); or you will need to be connected to the Pepperdine network (if your Office programs were installed from the network). Usually CDs are used for laptops, home computers, or stand alone products such as MS Visio; and the Pepperdine network is used to install Office on at-work desktop computers.

    NOTE: If you do not have an Office CD and are asked to point to the original installation location, Microsoft Office can be accessed thru the Pepperdine network R:/ drive:

    1. Open 'My Computer'
    2. Open 'Programs on MAL-PROG (R)'
    3. Open the folder pertaining to your version of MS Office.
    4. To find out which version of MS Office you have
      1. Open any MS Office application (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
      2. Click on the 'Help' menu above and select 'About...'
      3. If it indicates 2000, then it is Office2000, if it indicates 2002, it is OfficeXP.

After placing checks in all appropriate boxes, single-click the Start Installation button.

Product Updates

Confirm your choice of patches and single-click the Install Now button. Note that the sequence of the next few screens may be slightly different between Office for Windows 2000 and XP; and Office for Windows 2000 may require you to click a NEXT button to proceed. In any event, the information and results are the same.

Confirm Selection

At this point you will need to insert your Office CD; or you will need to be connected to the Pepperdine network. When you are ready, single-click the Continue button.

Cd ready

Single-click the Accept button on the End-User License Agreement screen. If you decline, you will not be allowed to install any Office update patches.

Accept agreement

During the download and installation process, you will see progress windows such as this one:

Download Box

If you have not fulfilled the request to either insert your Office CD into your CD drive or connect to the Pepperdine network (whichever is appropriate for the original installation of your Office programs), you will receive the following message window and will go no further until you comply.

Microsoft XP proffessional

After some period of time (depending on how many patches need to be installed), you should receive the following window telling you that the installation was successful. Single-click Close this window.

Installation Successful

Finally, single-click Return to Product Updates Home Page to close the following window; and be done with this process or to select some more patches to install (if you had to install some patches before others).

Thank you

That's it! Your Office programs are now up to date until Microsoft releases some more Office patches. Remember to check for Office Updates every week or so.

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