Security Tips

Pop-Up Blockers

Pop-ups are annoying Web-based ads that suddenly "pop up" on your screen when you are on the Internet. Most Internet browsers have a pop-up blocker feature. So does Google, the Internet search program.

Microsoft has included a pop-up blocker in its latest versions of Internet Explorer, set to a medium blocking level, which means it will block most ads. You can read more about the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker at this Microsoft Web site.

Although Pop-up Blockers can be useful tools, they can also sometimes prevent your browser from working as you need it to work. For instance, you might need to add "" as an allowed site in your Pop-up Blocker if you cannot reply to messages in the Webmail program.

A temporary measure to allow pop-ups on a given Web site is to hold the "Ctrl" key down while clicking on a Web link.

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