Virus Support

Virus Protection Software

To ensure network services are safe, secure, and available all day, every day, we require virus protection software on every current Pepperdine employee and student computer that is connected to the Pepperdine network.


If you own a PC, Pepperdine Information Technology recommends using Microsoft Security Essentials for your personal computer. This software is free, works well, and is easy to keep up to date.

For Macs, we recommend using Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition. This software is free and easy to use as well.

Faculty and Staff

Pepperdine employees, whose University-owned computers are running the Windows operating system, may obtain Trend Micro virus protection software at no charge over the Pepperdine network. Your Trend Micro virus protection remains up-to-date as long as you log on to the Pepperdine network or connect to the Internet every day or two. Employees who no longer work at Pepperdine cannot continue to run the version of Trend Micro software provided to them by Pepperdine.

Faculty and Staff Who Work at Home

Pepperdine employees who use University computers to work at home may obtain a free copy of Trend Micro (for Windows computers) or purchase Intego Virus Barrier (for Macintoshes) as directed in the above paragraphs.