After Hours AV Support

Customer Service Employee

All requests for AV support after 5 PM on weekdays and anytime on weekends are treated as after-hours support requests.  Faculty and staff requesting after-hours support will need to fill out an after-hours support request form:


After-hours AV support is provided by a third party vendor in conjunction with Pepperdine AVT staff.  Pepperdine AVT staff will communicate with the vendor and arrange the services to be provided.  The requesting party will need to designate a person to act as the point of contact for the vendor.  This person must be present at the event and able to coordinate any needs or changes with the vendor staff. A point of contact and communication information must be provided before services will be arranged.


After-hours support requests must be submitted a minimum of seven days prior to the requested service date.  Service is not guaranteed and is based on the availability of the vendor. Submitting your request earlier will increase the likelihood of support being available.  Technical requirements will be discussed and arranged by Pepperdine AVT staff directly with the vendor.  Once the scope of work is defined, a quote will be issued by the vendor. Any changes requested after a quote has been issued and signed can not be guaranteed. For additional information on planning please see the AV Best Practices guide.


The requesting party or department will be responsible for providing payment to the AV vendor.  Pepperdine AVT will arrange for a quote to be delivered to the requesting party once the scope of work is defined.  Pepperdine AVT will provide contact information but all payment related communication will be directly between the requesting party and the vendor.  Pepperdine AVT has no control over vendor pricing. Pricing is set solely by the vendor and is subject to change based on scope of work.

Additional Information

For inquiries and additional information please contact or call 310-506-6954.

AVT Office Contact: Malibu Campus, Thornton Administration Center, Room 177
Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM, 310-506-6953