In the Assignments tool, students can submit assignment deliverables. Refer to the instructions below for submitting coursework.


Submit Coursework to Assignments

  1. Click "Assignments" in the left tool menu.

    Sakai 12 Assignments Tool Image

  2. Review the list of open assignments and click the specific "Assignment Title" you wish to access.
    Sakai 12 Assignment Example Student
  3. Pay attention to several main areas:
    • ASSIGNMENT DETAILS: Assignment name, due date, number of submissions allowed, and status (opened or closed) of the assignment.  Pay special attention to the due date and the instructions.Sakai 12 Assignment Example #2 Student
    • TEXT EDITOR: If this feature is enabled, you can write or copy/paste information into the rich text editor window.Sakai 12 Assignments CKEditor Image
    • FILE ATTACHMENTS: If enabled, this is where you can upload file attachments. The button will either say "Choose File" or "Browse," depending on your web browser. Sakai 12 Assignments Choose File Student Image
    • HONOR PLEDGE: If enabled, read the pledge and mark your acceptance before submitting your final work.Sakai 12 Assignments Honor Pledge Student Image
  4. Complete the assignment based on the instructions.
  5. Click "Submit" when finished. Alternatively, there are other options you can select as well if you are not yet ready to submit.Sakai 12 Assignments Submit Assignment Student Image
    • Submit: Finalize your submission so your professor can receive and assess your work. Be sure to submit your work before the deadline!
    • Preview: This option will allow you to preview your work before submission.
    • Save Draft: You can complete part of an assignment and save your progress. However, you must still "Submit" your work before the deadline to receive credit.
    • Cancel: Click this option to return to the main Assignments list.
  6. After clicking the "Submit" button, you should receive an email confirmation that your assignment was submitted. Note: be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it. If you still cannot find it, then you may not have submitted your assignment properly. 

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