Courses Basics

What is Courses?

"Courses" is the name of Pepperdine University's primary Learning Management System (LMS).  Courses is powered by Sakai, an open source platform created by educators for educators. As a user of Sakai, Pepperdine University is a participant of a global community of academic institutions. This global community is committed to the goal of creating a powerful, flexible tool that enhances teaching and learning.

In addition, the Courses platform:

  • creates a shared learning space for students and professors to engage in conversation about a range of topics.
  • is made up of course sites, project sites, and personal sites.
  • offers tools for assessment, communication, collaboration, and more.
  • strongly aligns with Pepperdine's mission of Purpose, Service, and Leadership, and as Pepperdine contributes to the global Sakai community, we embody our University motto: "Freely ye received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8).

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