Check Your Grades and Scores in Gradebook

The Gradebook is where instructors may post scores related to your course work.


  1. Click "Gradebook" in the left tool menu. Note: If you do not see the Gradebook, then reach out to your Professor. Sakai 12 Gradebook Tool Image
  2. There are six areas you should be aware of:
    • (A) Course Grade - This is a "running total" of your grade. Some professors may wait until the end of the term to display this information, so you may see "Not yet available."
    • (B) Gradebook Item - This is the activity name, such as an assignment, discussion, quiz, etc.
    • (C) Grade - The score or percentage that you earned for the activity out of the total possible.
    • (D) Weight - If your professor is using weighting, you will see how much items in this category count toward your overall course grade.
    • (E) Due Date - The deadline for an activity, if entered by your professor. Always check your syllabus, or with your instructor, if a deadline is unclear.
    • (F) Comments - Notes or comments that your professor chose to enter about your performance on an activity. Sakai 12 Gradebook Tool Example Student

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