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Your instructor may administer quizzes, surveys, or tests through the "Tests & Quizzes" tool.

Test Taking Tips

Before you begin your assessment:

  • Read all Instructions and questions carefully. We cannot stress this step enough. The most common reason why students do not perform well on assessments is because they skip, or rush, through instructions or questions.
  • Study and prepare before you begin. The same preparation you put into a classroom-based exam is required for online assessments. Be sure to study and be ready for your exam before you begin.
  • Use a reliable internet connection and plug in your laptop. If possible, we recommend that you use a wired (ethernet) internet connection when taking an online assessment. Also, if you are a laptop user, be sure to use your AC power adapter. You may lose work if you lose your network connection or power during a quiz or test.
  • Use a supported web browser that is properly configured. Be sure to use a supported web browser. You must also allow cookies, JavaScript, and Java.
  • Close all other browser windows and tabs. For the best experience, we strongly recommend that you use a single browser window to take your assessment. Close all other windows and tabs to avoid difficulties or interference from other websites. Finally, do not open the Courses site in multiple tabs or you may lose work.
  • Disable third-party browser security add-ons or applications. To complete your online quiz or test, you need to submit the assessment online. Some browser toolbars, add-ons, or internet software may block pop-up messages or filter information you submit online. These tools could interfere with your assessment. We recommend that you temporarily disable any web filtering or pop-up blocking software while you take your quiz or test.
  • Log directly into Courses (powered by Sakai). For the best experience, we strongly recommend that you log into Courses directly at http://courses.pepperdine.edu and click "Pepperdine Login." If connecting through WaveNet, the portal will send pop-up warnings every 20 minutes to keep the WaveNet session alive. These pop-up messages may impact your test or interfere with your concentration.

During your test or quiz:

  • Do not use your browser's back button. When navigating your online exam, only use the navigation buttons within the exam itself. Do not use the "back" button or other buttons in your web browser since you may lose your work.
  • Be mindful of your time. During your online exam or quiz you should pay attention to the assessment deadline, any timer, and the main assessment timeout.
    • DEADLINE: Some assessments are configured to allow submission after the deadline, others are not. If you start an assessment at 2:45 PM and the professor set a hard deadline of 3:00 PM, then you only have 15 minutes to complete the assessment.
    • TIMER: On timed exams, the clock doesn't stop ticking. Once you start a timed assessment, you must finish within the time limit.
    • TIMEOUT: While the system timeout is two hours, an assessment timeout is one hour. To keep your login session active, you must click an exam button, such as "Save and Continue," "Table of Contents," or "Submit for Grading" to save your progress and keep your session alive.
  • Wait for each page to load completely. Wait for each page of the exam to load completely. If you start writing or selecting answers before the page finishes loading, you may lose some of your work.
  • Write short answer or essay questions in a word processor, or text editor, and then paste into Courses. As a best practice, we recommend that you compose and save your written work frequently in a word processor. This way you'll have a backup copy of any short answer or essay questions in case of a problem with your computer or your network connection.
  • You must click "Submit for Grading" to receive credit for your test or quiz.


  1. Click "Tests & Quizzes" in the left tool menu.
  2. Below "Take an Assessment," click the title of the test or quiz you wish to take.
  3. Review the details carefully.
    • Read any introduction your professor may have entered about the assessment.
    • Pay attention to the due date and whether the quiz, test, or survey has a timer. If a timed assessment, you must submit your test within the time limit or else it will be automatically submitted when the test time expires.
    • If your professor has enabled the "Honor Pledge," you must select the checkbox to accept that you will neither give nor receive any aid on the assessment. 
  4. Click "Begin Assessment" to start your test or quiz. 
  5. Answer each question, clicking "Save" or "Next," to move through the assessment.
    • If all questions appear on a single page, be sure to scroll down and click "Save" frequently to save your progress.
    • If your professor has enabled the feature, you can use the "Mark for Review" checkbox for your personal reminder to review the question before submission.
    • At the right, use the "Question Progress" sidebar to see the questions you've answered, not answered, or marked for review.
  6. Click "Submit for Grading" to finish.
  7. Read the "Assessment Submission Warning" and then click "Submit for Grading" again to confirm.
  8. Review or print the final submission details page.
  9. Click "Continue" to return to the main "Tests & Quizzes" page.

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