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IMPORTANT: Requests for New Listservs are now being created as Self-Managed Google Groups. Existing Listservs will be migrated to Self-Managed Google Groups at a later time.


This page contains information about Listserv email distribution lists at Pepperdine. Click the appropriate links below for answers to your questions about how Listserv distribution lists work, as well as information about who can send to these lists. Learn more about other group email delivery options.


LISTSERV is a powerful email list management software solution that allows one to easily manage opt-in email lists, such as email newsletters, announcement lists, and discussion groups. The software is available for use by faculty, students, staff, and alumni and is available on the web at:

What are Listservs?

A Listserv is the individual email list that is managed by the LISTSERV software. These email lists are best used as a means to communicate with small groups with similar needs and interests. Listserv groups that currently exist at Pepperdine include groups for English majors, Philosophy majors, and Psi-Chi members. Other Listserv groups at Pepperdine center around workgroups and research projects.

How are Listserv groups created?

New email lists may be requested by any faculty, student, staff, or alumni by selecting the "Request New List" link available at: New list requests normally require up to 72 hours for processing.

Who manages a Listserv group?

When submitting the "Request New List" form, the requestor will be asked to designate the email address of the list owner. After the list is created, the list owner has the capability to manage subscribers to their list, set list rules for managing archives, posting, and whether list membership is open to others.

How can users be added or removed from a Listserv group?

Users join Listserv groups on an opt-in basis. Individuals who wish to join a Listserv group should create a username at password at to manage their list subscriptions. Similarly, users can opt-out of a Listserv at any time by accessing their Listserv profile to unsubscribe.

Who can send to a Listserv?

Any member of the Listserv group can send and post messages to the Listserv. Users who wish to post messages typically send an email containing the message to a pre-assigned email address for the group. After sending this email, the message will be posted to the group either automatically or after the list owner's approval.

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