What's New in Gmail

Design Refresh

Gmail on the web is now adopting the modern color palette and sleek design of Gmail's mobile application and new Google Calendar.Page view of the new design

Right Side Panel - G Suite App to App Integration

Users now have the option to view Calendar, Tasks, Keep and Add-ons natively within Gmail on the web. There is no need to always open a new browser tab to quickly check your calendar or tasks, and you can even drag-and-drop emails to Tasks to create new tasks. Open ​and ​close ​the ​left ​and right ​sidebars to ​get ​more ​room ​for ​your ​inbox.Animated gif of the new right side panel.

Native Offline Support

Native offline capabilities in the new Gmail make it possible to work without an internet connection. The new Gmail in a Chrome browser (v61 or higher) allows users to search, write, delete, and archive up to 90 days of messages, even when offline.Settings for Gmail Offline

Your messages will sync to your computer and you will see a new indicator on the status of your sync.Offline sync in progress

Labs to Advanced Settings

Enterprise-ready features that previously existed as Labs in classic Gmail, are now permanent features in new Gmail. Popular features, such as, canned responses, auto-advance, and preview pane can now be accessed from the Advanced tab in settings.Labs are now advanced settingsSave changes in settings

Quick action from Inbox

When users point to a message in their inbox, they can quickly take action without opening them. Archive, Delete, Mark as Unread or Read, or Snooze a message without opening the message first. You can also open attachments directly from the inbox, without searching through the email. To use this feature, Settings → Display Density → Default.Animated gif of new inbox quick actions

Snooze Button

Manually postpone emails and temporarily remove them from your inbox. Emails will reappear that the top of your inbox at the given time that is more convenient. Snoozed items can be found under "Snoozed" in the menu bar.Snooze buttons and menu bar

Nudge Reminders

This AI-powered feature will now "nudge" users to reply to emails that they may have missed, or follow up on emails for which they haven't received a response. Nudging is on by default, but can be turned off in Settings → General → Nudges.Turn on nudge reminders

Smart Replies

Smart Reply utilizes machine learning to suggest three responses based on the email received. Once selected, users can send the email immediately or edit the response starting with the Smart Reply text.Smart Replies to a received message.Smart reply send


With @Mentions, you can add a person in the TO: field without leaving the body of your message. As you are typing enter the @ or the + sign and select the person's name or email address from the list. The email address will then populate in the TO: field of the email.Animated gif to show @mention feature

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