Pepperdine Email


Setup Instructions for Email on a Mobile Device

iPhone or iPad

Email on iPhone or tablet

This page has step-by-step instructions for setting up an iPhone or iPad to receive Pepperdine email.

  • Pepperdine IT supports the use of the Gmail app for iOS
  • Install the app and use "Manage Accounts" to add multiple accounts, Pepperdine or personal.

Follow the instructions below to set up Gmail on your Apple Device.

Setting up Pepperdine Email on an iPhone or iPad

Step 1:

Select "Settings".

setting button 

Step 2:

From the list select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

mail account

Step 3:

Select "Add Account..."

add account

Step 4:

Select "Gmail"

choose gmail 

Step 5:

Enter ""


Step 6:

Log into CAS with WaveNet credentials

cas log in

Step 7:

First, click all that apply. Then, select "Next" in the upper right hand corner.

You're Finished!

New email messages will appear in the Gmail App.

Android Phone or Tablet

Email on Android

This page has step-by-step instructions for setting up Pepperdine Gmail to Android Device

Setting up Pepperdine Email on Android

Step 1:

Open the Gmail application on your device


Step 2:

Click on the menu bar 


Step 3:

Open the drop down menu, and select "Add account" 


Step 4:

Select the Google option and then press Next


Step 5:

Enter your Pepperdine email then click next (


Step 6:

Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then proceed to accept 


Step 7:

Enter your NetworkID and password. (Same as WaveNet)
log in

Step 8:

You are now done! To view your emails, make sure you select your Pepperdine email if you have added multiple accounts