Digital Signatures Solution - eSign

eSigneSign automates and streamlines the document signing process for contracts and internal forms for all Pepperdine faculty and staff. What has traditionally taken days and sometimes weeks to get a document signed has now been reduced to minutes. 

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  • Legally and securely send documents for signatures online as easy as sending an email
  • Conveniently sign documents using any web browser or device, anywhere and anytime
  • Easily track document status and send reminders to signees online

Are Digital Signatures Legal?

Yes. A digital signature is the same as a wet signature in accordance to the California Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (codified at California Civil Code secs. 1633.1 - 1633.17) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 U.S.C. 7001 - 7006).


For assistance using eSign, please refer to the user guide and FAQ. If your answer isn't listed, complete the Technology Request Form.