Google Hangouts


Start or join video and text chats from anywhere. With Hangouts, you can start a meetings, host a class discussion, or complete an interview with a shared link or calendar invite. Video calls support up to 25 participants at once or start a Hangouts chat with up to 150 people.

Cool Features

Quick and Easy to Use:

Start a Hangout from an event on your google calendar or a message in Gmail.

Participate in a Group Chat:

During a Hangout, you can participate in a group chat and share a files from Google Drive, attach photos, or draw an image.

Invite Non-Pepperdine Participants:

While in a Hangout, you may call someone from Hangouts to invite them, or include them as a teleconference.

Share a Window or Entire Screen During a Hangout:

This shares your screen whenever you talk. So if someone else talks they come up on screen but your video feed has your screen share still showing. Note: everyone can share their screen.


Give a Presentation:

Present to everyone in the Hangout with a screen sharing. So no matter who speaks, your screen share is seen by all. Note: there can be only one presenter at a time. 

Try a Meeting Today!

Start Hangout from Scheduled Calendar Event:

  1. From your Calendar event, select Join meeting: meeting name

  2. In the Hangout select Settings to select/confirm the camera, mic and speaker. Play the test sound to confirm the audio. Then select Save and select the green Join button.

  3. Then when you are done, leave the call.


Start Hangout from Gmail:

        1. From your email, select Hangout conversations.

        2. Initiate a Hangout Group Chat. A Chat window will appear, send messages to the group in the send message area of the chat window. (make sure that the "chat" is on)

        3. Start a video call. Notice the Chat window does not go away.

        4. Then when you are done, leave the call.

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