Collaborate in a Meeting

How to share a meeting using a URL or phone number

Others can join an existing meeting easily by using a URL link or by dialing in. To share an active meeting, go to the Meeting Details window and select Copy Joining Info. You can send the call details through email, text, or chat.

Dialing in

Your recipient can then log in using the URL, or can dial in on any phone. When dialing in, your recipient will need to call the number provided, then enter the pin provided; Keep in mind, these members will have audio access only.

How to Present Your Screen

Google Meet is a great way to demonstrate something without being in the same room.

To share your screen during a meeting, select Present Now in the bottom right corner of the meeting window. You will be directed to choose whether you want to display just a specific window or your entire screen. If you have multiple monitors, you will have the option to choose which screen you wish to display.

Select Share and you will enter the presentation view where all the members of your meeting will be able to view your screen. To discontinue displaying your screen, select Stop Presenting, and you will go back to the conversation view.

Share Present

How to Send Chat Messages in an Active Call

If you are on a call and need to ask a question without interrupting the speaker, you can utilize the Chat Message window in an active meeting to get an answer. You can also share web links, or provide feedback on the meeting content if your computer microphone is not available.

Open the message window by selecting the chat icon. The right panel will expand and show the meeting's chat history. You can ask a question or provide a comment by typing into the text bar at the bottom and clicking the send button. Keep in mind, the chat window is viewable by anyone in the meeting, and once you leave the meeting, the history of the chat will not be saved.

Chat Window

How to Share a Meeting by Dialing Out

While in an active Meeting, you can dial to call someone. When they answer, they will be on the line with all the members of your meeting. To call someone, select the people icon in the top right corner of the Meet window, click "Add People,"  select the phone icon to enter the phone number, and then hit the green "call" button at the bottom of the window. The meeting will place a call to your recipient. A banner will notify you when your recipient joins your call, and when they leave. You may also end the call from the meeting by selecting the hang up button on the call banner. 

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