Project Templates and Samples - Information Technology

If you have a document that has contributed to the success of your project, please email it to the IT project management office for posting.

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Request for Proposal (RFP) - Samples

Pepperdine University - "Standard Consulting Services Agreement" - CSA

IMPORTANT: Before a contractor works on-site at any of our campuses, the contractor's company must complete, sign, and submit a CSA.

Communications - Samples

Events which affect critical IT services should be proactively announced through your supervisor and the IT Communications/IT Administration Department. Less impactful events require a proactive email to the "Network Events" global list. Consult with your supervisor to determine the appropriate communications method.

Project Charter - Samples

Although many IT projects do not require a formal written charter, these templates may contain information that can be helpful to project managers who need to partner with a department outside of IT.

Project Plan - Samples

Note: More project plans may be found in IT's online project management application