Disaster Relief Clinic

In the wake of recent natural disasters in California, the Clinical Education Program at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law is launching the Disaster Relief Clinic. The Clinic will provide limited-scope, pro bono legal services to people and communities harmed by wildfires in Southern California in 2018. This work will include community education, advice-and-counsel and self-help clinics, referral services, and limited-scope legal representation.

Services will include assistance on FEMA applications and appeals, insurance coverage matters, business interruption, housing and rental issues, estate matters, unemployment, and consumer protection issues.

The Disaster Relief Clinic likely will not be able to handle cases for extended litigation or complex cases. The Clinic is working with legal aid agencies and volunteer lawyers to receive cases by referral. Presently, the Disaster Relief Clinic is limited to those affected by the Woolsey Fire and will prioritize clients in Malibu, the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Conejo Valley. The Clinic may expand its services if it identifies sufficient volunteer lawyers and partner agencies.