Homeless Youth Rights Literacy Workshop

This program grew out of a partnership with Public Counsel, where several of our Pepperdine Law students worked last summer. Since that time, groups of three or more of us, including 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls, have been leading presentations on legal rights at local homeless programs. While our workshops primarily educate youth between the ages of 14 and 21, we have recently started workshops to educate adults on their rights. We hope to instill in the youths that three simple statements will be tremendously helpful when facing a situation where they are being questioned, detained, and/or arrested:

  1. Asking "Am I free to leave" when being detained or questioned.
  2. Asserting "I have the right to remain silent" after being arrested.
  3. Asserting "I do not consent to this search," while allowing the police officer to search you.

Most importantly, we hope that the youths can learn to remain calm and not to give the police officers any reason to arrest them. Our goal is for our workshops to have a positive impact by reducing the number of violent interactions between youths and police officers and/or private security guards.

Presentation Guide

Covenant House Group Photo