DPS' "Food 4 Fines" Offers Pepperdine Community Alternative Payment for Parking Citations

December 3, 2015  | 1 min read

The Department of Public Safety has invited eligible students, staff, and vendors to participate in its "Food 4 Fines" program to offset up to $100* of parking citations. In the spirit of the holidays "Food 4 Fines" will be accepting donations of canned goods as an alternative method of payment for parking citations. Donations will be distributed to several food banks, homeless shelters, and non-profit organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

The number of canned goods being accepted and the dollar amount equivalents are as follows.

Number of Cans

Fine Amount

8 cans


16 cans


32 cans


40 cans


Citations pending payment can be viewed here. Donations will be accepted until Thursday, December 17, 2015. Please turn cans into the Department of Public Safety Monday-Friday between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. For more information or questions about "Food 4 Fines" please contact the Department of Public Safety at (310) 506-4700.

*Fines already transferred to Student Accounts are ineligible.