Hoverboards at Pepperdine

January 5, 2016  | 1 min read

In partnership with Student Affairs, the Department of Public Safety and the Office for Insurance and Risk have prohibited the use, storage, and charging of hover boards on any Pepperdine University campus or in any Pepperdine University facility. This prohibition includes any type of hoverboard or electronic skateboard and includes all campus facilities, including residence halls, academic and student life buildings, and use on campus sidewalks or other pedestrian areas. This is currently an interim policy. We will continue to monitor the issue and will review the decision with the campus community and the University Management Committee.

The primary issue prompting this decision involves numerous recent reports of the devices overheating and catching fire. Hoverboards have now been prohibited for transport by many U.S. airlines, Amazon has made the decision not to ship many models, and the Los Angeles Metrolink system recently announced they would not allow the devices on their trains. Keeping our students and University community safe is of paramount importance. We cannot risk a fire caused by one of these devices, a concern that could very quickly become a serious life safety matter.

Please keep this announcement in mind as you return from Christmas break and do not bring back any such device with you to campus. We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and are looking forward to a great Spring semester.