Recent Enhancements to OU Forms Now Live

June 13, 2016  | 1 min read

The IMC Interactive Team would like to inform users of the University’s central web content management system of several enhancements to OU Forms that will improve the way they currently use OU Campus.


New features include:

  • A Date/Time Picker, which gives users the ability to select a calendar date and/or time of day

  • The ability to set all Live Delivery Platform (LDP) Form input fields as “required.” LDP Forms in OU Campus allow users to easily create and manage forms, surveys, and polls.

  • Helper Text for all form input fields. This function provides text that will appear as a selection under the form, and can guide users on how to fill out that specific field.

  • The option to include CAPTCHA authentication within your form. CAPTCHA authentication is a security measure that confirms that information was submitted by a human and not a bot. Users are asked to pass a short test in order to prevent automated requests by computers from reaching the servers.

  • Instructional Text, which provides a mini WYSIWYG editor that allows for the configuration of text to be displayed in the form

  • The option to append all form submission data at the end of an e-mail message

  • A more simplified way of allowing users to add all submitted form values within e-mail messages.

  • Increased character limit of a form’s e-mail body field from 1,000 characters to 3,000

  • A URL redirect option upon form submission