County and Folk Musician Iris DeMent to Perform at Smothers Theatre

September 23, 2016  | 1 min read

Grammy-nominated folk and gospel-tinged singer-songwriter Iris DeMent will bring her “heady, heart-stopping music” to Smothers Theatre in Malibu on Thursday, September 29, at 8 PM.

Beginning with her 1992 debut studio album, Infamous Angel, DeMent released a series of stellar records that established her as one of America’s top singer-songwriters. The music earned her multiple Grammy nominations, as well as the respect of peers like John Prine, Steve Earle, and Emmylou Harris, who all invited her to collaborate. David Byrne and Natalie Merchant famously covered her song “Let The Mystery Be” as a duet on the televisions series MTV Unplugged.

Twenty-fours years after her debut, DeMent is creating some of the most poignant music of her career, bridging two seemingly disparate worlds with every note of her most recent album The Trackless Woods, which sets Russian poet Anna Akhmatova’s poetry to music for the first time ever.

It was by pure chance that Iris DeMent opened the book of Russian poetry sitting on her piano bench to Akhmatova’s “Like A White Stone,” for which the musician’s voice is the perfect carrier to convey the nuanced, joyful, sorrowful, and complicated human experience illustrated by the poem.

Ticket prices range between $10 and $40 and are required for attendance. For additional information about the performance, and to purchase tickets, visit the Pepperdine University page on the TicketForce website.