Pepperdine Libraries to Host Lecture on History of Malibu Tiles

July 11, 2019  | 1 min read

Malibu TilesPepperdine Libraries will present “Preserving the History of Malibu Tiles” at Malibu Public Library on Tuesday, July 16, at 6 PM. The lecture will explore how the Pepperdine Libraries apply cutting-edge technology to digitize these artifacts for future generations. 

May Knight Rindge founded Malibu Potteries in 1926 after discovering rich deposits of red clay on her property. Prior to shutting down after a catastrophic fire in the early 1930s, Malibu Potteries was in operation for six years, creating tiles and ceramic pieces influenced both by the Art Deco movements of the time as well as long-standing ceramic arts traditions in Moorish, Mayan, Spanish, and Saracen cultures. Now valuable collectors' items, these tiles can still be viewed in various public locations throughout Malibu and the greater Los Angeles area. 

For additional information about this free lecture, visit the Pepperdine Libraries website.