Boone Center for the Family to Host Webinar on Anxiety During Coronavirus Pandemic

May 19, 2020  | 1 min read

Boone Center for the Family - Pepperdine UniversityAs part of the “Coming to a Place of Peace” webinar series throughout May 2020, the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University will broadcast “When Anxiety Strikes” on the Zoom platform on Thursday, May 21, at 10 AM PST.

Sharon Hargrave, executive director of the Boone Center and licensed marriage and family therapist, will lead the live 30-minute session. Designed for church ministers, mental health professionals, and leaders seeking to help others build stronger relationships, the webinar will address whether it’s okay for Christians to feel anxiety, and will explain how to effectively allow and manage anxiety. Based on principles taught by licensed marriage and family therapist Rhett Smith, author of The Anxious Christian, the session will also explore how we can help ourselves and others learn how to grow and benefit from understanding anxiety from a fresh and different perspective.

The event will include a presentation by a nationally recognized panelist, followed by a Q&A session at the end.

For additional information about “When Anxiety Strikes,” and to register to attend, visit the Boone Center page on the Zoom website.