Boone Center for the Family to Host RelateStrong | Leadership Series | Summit

August 28, 2020  | 2 min read

Boone Center for the Family - Pepperdine UniversityThe Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University will host the two-day RelateStrong | Leadership Series | Summit on Tuesday, September 1, at 8 AM through Wednesday, September 2, at 4 PM PDT. The summit will be led by an esteemed team of mental health professionals and academic scholars, and is designed specifically for church leaders and their spouses. Attendees will learn how to navigate the complex relational issues that currently permeate church communities; the topics presented—including marriage, singleness, parenting, addiction, pornography, sexual intimacy, anxiety and depression, and self-care—will integrate psychological research and theological principles.

“This summit is uniquely developed with one framework that addresses a variety of relational issues, and will empower leaders to help those they serve as well as themselves. The framework supports emotion regulation, which is a vital skill for an individual’s personal and professional lives,” explains Kelly Haer, director of the Boone Center’s Relationship IQ program and licensed marriage and family therapist, who will present the “Caring Well for Single Adults” segment of the event.

Based on the principles of the Boone Center for the Family's RelateStrong program, this series will explore some of the most pertinent and important topics present in churches today, including:

  • Restoring Love and Trustworthiness in Marriage and Relationships
  • Caring Well for Single Adults
  • Healthy Parenting in an Age of Anxiety
  • Cultivating Healthy Physical Intimacy in a Culture of Sexual Myths
  • Flourishing in Ministry
  • Understanding and Responding to Substance Abuse Concerns in Your Faith Community
  • Practical Tips for Understanding Intimate Partner Abuse
  • Navigating the Church Through Pornography and Breaking the Code of Silence
  • How Understanding, Reframing, and Practicing Can Create Positive Change in Anxiety and Depression

For additional information about the RelateStrong | Leadership Series | Summit, visit the Boone Center for the Family website. To register to attend, visit the Boone Center for the Family page on the Engage website.