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If you are authorized and trained to edit OU Campus, you may sign in here to publish an announcement. Submissions should include a title of no more than 10 words; one short, descriptive paragraph; a date, time, and location, if applicable; and contact information, including both an email address and phone number. If possible, provide a link to a website containing further information. Photo thumbnails are to be sized at 80 x 60 px.

If you are not authorized and trained to edit OU Campus, please submit to a faculty/staff member with publishing access or email your announcement to Gareen Darakjian, managing editor, using the request form below.

Announcement Criteria:

Happenings and events must take place on Pepperdine campuses and/or be sponsored by the University and held elsewhere.

Achievements and accolades must be earned by the University at large (rankings, grants, and awards) or faculty, staff, and students of the University (professional achievements, recognitions, awards).


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