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Fall 2023 First Year Math Review Sessions

Abigail Tacker and Talar Haidossian, two of SPP’s second-year students, will be holding Math Review Sessions over the next several weeks where your attendance is STRONGLY encouraged and urged.

All sessions will be in SPP 175.

The schedule is as follows:


• Sept 6: 5-7 pm (Wednesday) Session 1


• Sept 11: 5-7 pm (Monday) Session 2

• Sept 13: 5-7 pm (Wednesday) Session 3


• Sept 18: 5-7 pm (Monday) Session 4 (Optional/Make-Up Session)


The purpose of the sessions is to review some math and algebra skills that are used in the core economics and research methods classes. Roughly speaking, the first session covers math basics, the second covers algebra, and the third session covers some topics from calculus (simple and partial derivatives) that are used in some of the econ classes.