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The Counseling Center seeks to promote student mental health in the Pepperdine community. Academic success, social relationships, physical health, and spiritual well-being are often affected by mental health issues; students are encouraged to attend to this arena of self-care.

The Counseling Center operates primarily on a brief therapy model. Although exceptions can be made, most issues are expected to be resolved in 10 sessions or less. If it is determined that more intensive services off campus are needed, the center staff will assist students in finding providers, keeping in mind special needs, transportation, and insurance considerations.

Health Team

Confidential Counseling Services

  • All SPP students are eligible to seek professional, confidential counseling services at the Counseling Center.

Services for Day-to-Day Stressors

  • Students are encouraged to take advantage of the center's services in addressing day-to-day stressors such as time-management issues, relationship concerns, and sleep difficulties.

Serious Mental Health Concerns

  • The licensed mental health professionals on staff are also prepared to provide services to students with more serious mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse. There are no charges for individual or group counseling sessions.

Other Services

  • Beyond counseling services, the center staff also offers consultations assisting a concerned other (for example, parent, faculty member, roommate) in how to respond to a student with apparent mental health concerns, including, when appropriate, how to sensitively suggest the student seek professional services.
  • The Counseling Center employs a registered dietitian, who provides nutritional counseling, and a psychiatrist, who provides mental health medication management. There are minimal charges for these specialized services.