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Cellular Phones

Students wishing to use cellular phones on the Malibu campus will find that AT&T™ and Verizon™ enjoy the best cell coverage. Information Technology provides a cellular phone coverage update on the Malibu Campus.

Information Technology

The Information Technology department provides a full range of technology services for University students. Each of the University's campuses features modern classrooms with digital projection and wireless Internet access as well as multiple general-use computer labs that provide wired and wireless connectivity, fee-based black-and-white and color printing, photocopying, and access to a variety of mobile equipment such as projectors and laptops that may be reserved and checked out by University students.

Information Technology staff are available at each of the labs to provide technical assistance. In addition, students can call the IT Help Desk at 310.506.HELP (4357), which provides full telephone technical support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

Students are required to abide by the Computer and Network Responsible Usage Policy. Details are included in the "Regulations and Legal Notices" section of this catalog and are published on the Information Technology Web site. More information about all of the Information Technology services is available at

Internet Service

Pepperdine provides Internet access to its students from Windows or Macintosh computers via Ethernet outlets (one per student) in the residence halls or via a wireless network in all nonresidential buildings and in most educational facilities. These connection options allow access to e-mail, library resources, portal information, Web pages, and various academic resources.

For additional information or support, contact Information Technology at 310.506.HELP (4357) or visit the Web site at

Tech Central

Tech Central is Pepperdine University's main Malibu support area for students, faculty, and staff, offering technology support for central University services. Tech Central is located in the Thornton Administrative Center (TAC) building in room B100 at the basement level below Human Resources. From the TAC first floor, exit the building through the single glass door by Human Resources (Suite 120), turn immediately to the left and walk down the staircase. Tech Central is through the double glass doors. From the main, lower campus cafeteria, walk east from the amphitheater, down campus walk with Payson Library at your left. Continue down the access road and turn left at the concrete driveway. Enter at the double glass doors. 

Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tech Central may be contacted at 310.506.4811 or by e-mail at

Computer supplies such as printer ink cartridges, cables, flash drives, A/V adapters, and security locks are sold in the Malibu campus bookstore as well as online through Pepperdine University's preferred vendors at