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Direct Loan Servicing Information

Make Your Payments on Time

The loan servicer will provide information about repayment and will notify the borrower of the date loan repayment begins. It is very important that student borrower's make the full loan payment on time either monthly (which is usually when borrower's pay) or according to the borrower's repayment schedule. If the student borrower doesn't, they could end up in default, which has serious consequences. Student loans are real loans—just as real as car loans or mortgages. You have to pay back your student loans.

For questions about loan repayment or other loan servicing issues, a borrower should contact his or her loan servicing center.


Aspire Resources Inc
Phone: 855.475.3335
TDD/TTY: 855.475.4889
Overseas: 515.471.3999
Website: http://www.aspireresourcesinc.com/


Phone: 800.633.1662
Website: https://www.mycornerstoneloan.org/


Phone: 877.292.8639
Overseas: 402.507.5452
Website: https://costep.myedloan.com/info/home


Direct Loan Servicing Center
Phone: 800.848.0979
TDD/TTY: 800.848.0983
Overseas: 315.738.6634
Website: https://www.myedaccount.com/


Department of Education Student Loan Servicing Center (ACS)
Phone: 800.835.4611
TDD/TTY: 800.662.1220 within New York State
TDD/TTY: 800.855.2880 outside New York State
Website: https://www.acs-education.com/


EDGEucation Loans
Phone: 877.292.7470
Overseas: 402.507.5455
Website:  https://edgeucationloans.myedloan.com/info/home


Phone: 855.479.0490
Overseas: 402.507.5442
Website: https://edmanage.myedloan.com/


Phone: 855.337.6884
Website: https://www.edfinancial.com/home


FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)
Phone: 800.699.2908
TDD/TTY: 800.722.8189
Website: http://myfedloan.org


Granite State-GSMR
Phone: 888.556.0022
TDD/TTY: The711
Website: http://www.gsmr.org/


Great Lakes Education Loan Services Inc.
Phone: 800.236.4300
TDD/TTY: 800.236.4300
Overseas: 608.246.1700
Website: http://www.mygreatlakes.org


KSA Servicing
Phone: 877.292.4825
Overseas: 402.507.5446
Website: https://ksaservicing.myedloan.com


Phone: 888.866.4352
TDD/TTY: 636.532.5189
Overseas: 888.866.4352


Phone: 888.486-4722
TDD/TTY: 888.486.4722
Overseas: 303.696.3625
Website: http://www.nelnet.com


OSLA Servicing
Phone: 866.264.9762
Website: http://www.osla.org


Sallie Mae
Phone: 800.722.1300
Fax: 866.266.1300
TDD/TTY: 877.713.3833
Overseas: 254.554.4535
Website: https://www.salliemae.com/


VSAC Federal Loans
Phone: 888.932.5626
Fax: 802.654.3777
TDD/TTY: 800.281.3341
Website: http://vsacfl.org