Satisfactory Academic Progross Policy

Federal regulations require financial aid recipients to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP).  To obtain and retain financial aid funding, students must maintain SAP and proceed toward successful and timely completion of all applicable degree requirements. (See "Standards of Measurements of Achievement" and "Time Limit" under "Academic Policies" for more information.)

Qualitative Standard
The qualitative standard is based on the student's grade point average and is determined by the program's "Standards of Measurements of Achievement."

Quantitative Standard
Students must maintain an enrollment of at least eight units per term to be eligible for financial aid as a full-time student. All degree requirements must be completed within the time limit as set forth by the program. The quantitative standard is determined based on number of terms attended, regardless of aid, and subject to verification by the school financial aid officer.

Failure to Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
Academic progress is evaluated at the end of each semester.  Failure to meet any SAP requirements, results in a "Financial Aid Warning" for the future term.  Students who do not meet all SAP requirements at the end of the academic "Financial Aid Warning" period will lose their eligibility to receive financial aid.

Regaining Eligibility
To regain financial aid eligibility, after the "Financial Aid Warning" period, students must appeal in writing, to the Assistant Dean for Student Services.  The appeal must explain the reasons that led to SAP failure and the changes that will allow the student to meet SAP in the future including supporting documentation.  If the appeal is granted, the student will be placed on SAP "Financial Aid Probation" and will have one semester to meet the SAP requirements set for the probation period.