Alternative Events Policies

Alternative Event Policies

What Is Expected for Every Student Attending our Convocation Events:


  1. Must Form a Line:

    When arriving to an alternative event, we start scanning 15 minutes before the event start time.  If you arrive early, you must form a line in front of the door so that the Convo Crew can scan you in.  There will be stanchions in place for larger events to ensure students maintain a line and to prohibit cutting.
  2. Must Be Aware of Every Event Location's Fire Code Policy:

    When planning to attend an event, you also must be aware that every event location has a fire code capacity in which they can allow maximum occupants (including those working at the event).  Please be aware that we must comply with fire code as mandated by State Law.
  • Firestone Fieldhouse = 3,500 occupants
  • Amphitheater = 400 occupants
  • Smothers Theater = 398 occupants
  • Elkins = 380 occupants
  • PLC 125 = 280 occupants
  • Stauffer Chapel = 180 occupants
  • Fireside Room = 99 occupants
  • AC 263 = 55 occupants
  • Plaza Classrooms = 50 occupants
  • Must Respect Convocation Workers

    When attending events, you must respect the Convocation workers who are there to maintain the crowds, ensure you are scanned in, and maintain a distraction-free environment.  Any failure to disrespect these workers will result in your automatic loss of credit.  The Convocation workers are given all authority to revoke any student from receiving credit for any disrespectful, dishonest, inappropriate behavior.  Students who do not comply with the Convocation workers will be reported to Judicial Affairs for more serious consequences.
  • Must Maintain a Distraction-Free Environment

    Our Convocation Mission is to build Christian faith, affirm Christian values, and address the moral and ethical dimensions of our current issues.  Therefore, because we take our mission seriously, we want each student to understand we want to maintain a distraction-free environment. Therefore we will not tolerate:
      • talking, texting, reading,
      • doing hw, sleeping,
      • listening to music,
      • using your cell phone, laptop, iPad, iPod, etc.

    If we see that you are not abiding to our policies - we will obtain your student ID number and YOU WILL LOSE CREDIT FOR THIS EVENT IMMEDIATELY.

    Forgetting Your ID to an Alternative Event:

    You must sign in and out on our "Forgot ID Sign-In Sheet" at every event.  You must only sign out after you have attended the entire time.  You can only sign up 1 time per semester for forgetting your ID.  Therefore, you will only get 1 credit per semester for forgetting your ID.  No exceptions.

    Attendance Credit

    Attendance is recorded by card scanners. Students must have their Pepperdine student ID cards scanned upon entering and exiting to receive attendance credit.

    • You will not receive credit if you are more than 10 minutes late
    • Arriving 5 minutes late is considered a "tardy."
      • 3 Tardies = Loss of 1 Credit


    If you scan another student's card or your card is scanned by anyone other than yourself, this is defined as "dishonesty" under the Code of Academic Integrity for misusing a Student ID Card for a purpose that dishonestly alters one's academic standing, and is subject to disciplinary action according to the Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.

    1. You will not receive credit for the event at which the incident occurred, your behavior will be reported to the Judicial Affairs Office for more serious consequences.