Surf Chapel

Surf Chapel

What is Surf Chapel?

Surf Chapel is a unique opportunity for Pepperdine students to share the gospel, study scripture and develop meaningful relationships on the beaches and waves of southern California. You do not need to know how to surf to attend and enjoy surf chapel. 


There are two kickoff events which are open to all students for credit:  One at the beginning of the semester, and one in the middle of the semester.  After each these events, due to surf convo's small-group nature, it moves towards a club convo-type experience related to convocation credit.  Students must attend at least five of the six subsequent sessions in order to receive credit after each of the kickoff events.

Surf Chapel begins promptly at 7:00am on Wednesdays during the school year at Zuma Beach.

For more information, please contact Rob Shearer at

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