Attendance and Appeals

Seaver student with ID card being scanned

FAQs for Attendance and Appeals

How many Convocation credits am I required to earn each semester?

All Seaver undergraduate students are required to earn 14 Convocation credits each semester, which is the equivalent of attending one program each week. (Refer to Student Handbook pgs.7-8). Program offerings range from large gatherings such as Wednesday Chapel to small groups and one-on-one mentoring.

How many opportunities do I have to earn credits each semester?

Each semester, the Convocation Program offers approximately 120 Alternative Events, 100 Club Convos, 14 Wednesday Chapels, and Spiritual Mentoring. In addition, Surf Chapel, Celebration Chapel and Language Chapels meet regularly. There are plenty of opportunities!

Please feel free to contact our office for a consultation session to help you plan out your convocation calendar. You will save yourself time and stress later in the semester by stopping by and making an appointment during the first 2-3 weeks of school.

What if I am unable to earn 14 credits in a semester? What is the scale for the Convocation grading system?

Number of Credits Earned Grade
14 A
13 A-
12 B+
11 B
10 B-
9 C+
8 C
7 or less F
Please contact the Office of the Chaplain so that we can help you come up with a plan to achieve all 14 credits. At the beginning of each semester, in exceptional situations, we may encourage you to complete an exemption request form.

How do I view my Convocation credits?

1. Log on to WaveNet

2. Look in the "Student Services" portion and you will see "Convocation: -." It will include the number of credits a student has received up to that date.

If you cannot see your record or have technical problems with WaveNet please call the Help Desk at x4357.

I don't see a credit on my account that I believe should be there; what should I do?

Please note that it may take up to a week for a credit to process. We encourage all students to inquire about a missing or incomplete credit as soon as possible by contacting our office in person or by emailing us at

Do credits rollover to the next semester if I earn more than 14 in one semester?

Unfortunately, no. All credits received apply only to that semester.

Does my grade in Convocation affect my GPA or transcript?

Your Convocation grade is worth one half unit of academic credit each semester, totaling 4 units by graduation. The units do not contribute towards the 128 units required for graduation, but the grade earned applies to your GPA and appears on your school transcript as class "Seaver 200."

How can I be successful in fulfilling my Convocation requirement?

Plan ahead! Find programs that appeal to your interests. Check our Convocation Event Calendar and our various programs indicated under the tabs on our website. Convocation credit will only be given for events listed on the Convocation Event Calendar or through our other specified programs.

Additionally, feel free to contact our office for a consultation session to help you plan out your convocation calendar. You will save yourself time and stress later in the semester by stopping by and making an appointment during the first 2-3 weeks of school!

What if I find an issue with my credits and wish to appeal it?

1.  We welcome the opportunity to help you.  Feel free to stop by in person at TCC 104 (M-F, 8am - 5pm), call x6837 or email

2.  Depending on the situation, you may be asked to complete a Record Change Appeal form, in which you will be asked to answer questions about the event.

3.  The form will be reviewed by our Appeals Committee, comprised of students and staff.

4.  You will be informed of the decision within two weeks.


1.  No more than 4 appeals will be processed per student each semester.

2.  The decision of the committee is final.

3.  All Record Change Appeal forms must be completed in person in the Office of the Chaplain.

How do my credits get processed?

  • Attendance Credit for Alternative Events
    You receive Convocation Credit by scanning your CWID card on time on your way in and out of any event sponsored by our office. Hospitality Crew staff will scan your ID. They wear blue polo shirts to be easily identified. Make sure you hear the beep and/or watch the scanner light turn from red to green as your card is being scanned in/out. Feel free to request an additional scan if you are uncertain that the card was read properly.
  • Attendance Credit for Club Convos
    A Club Convo small group leader will maintain a roster of names for their group and a student must attend at least 5 out of 6 sessions to get any credit. The leader will turn in their roster of attendance on the Attendance Roster for Convocation Credit and credits will be granted to student attendees as they are indicated on the roster that the leader submits. If students have questions about their attendance for a Club Convo they should speak with the leader directly.
  • Attendance Credit for Spiritual Mentoring
    A student and spiritual mentor who are in a formal mentoring relationship will meet up to 4 times in the semester for credit. The mentor will fill out the Spiritual Mentoring Record for Convocation Credit. Once the office has received the form, credits will be granted to the student. If a student has questions about his/her session attendance he/she should speak with his/her mentor directly.

What if I forget my ID and I attend an Alternative Event or Wednesday Chapel?

You're in luck! You must sign in and out with a Convo Crew staff member on our "Event Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheet," which is available at every event. You may do this one time per semester.

What if I am tardy to an Alternative Event or Wednesday Chapel?

If you arrive 5-10 minutes late, you are considered tardy. No credit will be granted for an event if you are more than 10 minutes late. Three tardies leads to the loss of 1 credit. Please note that the loss of credit due to three tardies cannot be appealed.

If a friend asks me to sign or scan them in, what do I do?

Don't do it! Address this personally with your friend before making a choice which affects your academic integrity.

False attendance information is considered academic dishonesty under the Code of Academic Integrity for Pepperdine University. If a student attempts to scan or successfully scans another student's ID, a report is made to Judicial Affairs and is subject to disciplinary action, according to the Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.

All cases of academic dishonesty in this manner will be reported automatically to Judicial Affairs. Additionally, no credit will be granted to any party involved (the ID owner, the individual scanning the ID or signing someone else in, and students aware of the behavior without reporting it). Further consequences may be leveled at the discretion of the Judicial Affairs staff. Repeat offenders of this nature may result in an "F" grade in Convocation for that semester.

Please contact our office with any questions not found here. 310-506-4999 |