Faculty/Staff-Led Club Convo Leader Policies and Proposal Process

Faculty/Staff Leader Policies

1. Each Club Convo proposal must be submitted through a separate form and have a unique title.
2. Each Club Convo must meet for six one-hour sessions.
3. Maximum students allowed in each Club Convo is 15 students.
4. Club Convos are entirely voluntary and should not be mandatory for anyone.
5. NO make-up sessions may be offered for participants that miss group sessions.
6. Complete and submit the Attendance Roster for Convocation Credit. The roster deadline is Wednesday, December 6th at 5:00 pm.

  • The roster must be completed in the Club Convo roster shared with you on the Google Drive by the Convocation staff. This is the official document to submit the attendance roster for your Club Convo. This is the ONLY document our office will accept to grant credit to students.
  • After each Club Convo session update your roster.
  • After your last session, make sure your roster is completely correct. Then, initial and date it at the bottom. This step must be completed before the Convocation staff can grant credit to students

        7. At the end of your Club Convo, ensure all attendees complete the Club Convo Participant Survey during your final session.

        8. After your Club Convo ends, complete the Club Convo Leader Survey.    


Use this link to complete the Faculty/Staff-Led Club Convo Proposal Form.