Community Chapel Proposal Form


How to Propose a Community Chapel

If you would like your chapel to be considered for Convocation credit, follow these steps:

1. Gear it for Growth!

Each chapel within Convocation is intended to promote the spiritual development of students from a Christian perspective. This can be accomplished through a diverse number of ways. If you have any questions about integrating spiritual growth into your chapel, please come visit us!

2. Open the Invitation!

Your chapel should not be put on solely for one student group or demographic. A chapel should not be made mandatory for any group or academic class. Additionally, chapels such as service/volunteer opportunities, training meetings, retreats, and private worship service do not fulfill this requirement. Every chapel needs to be an open invitation to every student.

3. Save the Date!

Please check our Community Chapel Proposal Calendar for available dates. This is a calendar specifically for chapel proposers to utilize and it is not published publicly. Due to the high volume of chapel proposals received, the office cannot guarantee your requested date will still be available at the time your proposal is reviewed.

Chapel Proposal Calendar


**Please note that our first and last Convocation chapels are the first and last Wednesday Chapels of every semester. Community Chapels will not be approved before or after those dates.**

4. Quality Over Quantity!

In order to maintain consistency among all Community Chapels, and in an attempt to respect students' time, we request that all proposed chapels stay within a 45-60-minute time frame. This will give you enough time to prepare and orchestrate a quality program for attending students.

5. Put it in Writing!

Once you submit the below proposal form, a committee will review it, and an email will be sent to the proposer within a reasonable time frame to inform him/her of the chapel's approval status. Proposals are reviewed on a first-come basis and approved according to the quality of programming alongside the chapel's focus on building and affirming Christian faith. Date availability is also a key consideration. The convo staff will inform the proposer of their approval and respond with a memo of understanding which must be completed in advance.


Community Chapel Proposal Form

 (The proposal form is currently closed for the semester. Please contact the convocation office with questions or for communication regarding event proposals)

Helpful Next Steps:

Reserve the Venue

After you submit your chapel proposal and receive confirmation that it is approved, it is your responsibility to reserve the on-campus venue. To do this, contact the University Scheduler at 310-506-6143. When the venue has been confirmed, please notify the convocation staff so the calendar can be updated.

**Please Note: For the last 3 weeks of the semester, the office will only accept chapels that reserve venues which allow more than 100 people, due to increased demand at the end of each semester.**

Request Audio/Visual Support

Convocation does not supply technical equipment for chapels (such as sound board, projectors, etc.). If a program requires technical equipment (use of screen/projector for PowerPoint, use of speakers and microphone), sponsors can request equipment from the Audio/Visual Technologies office. More information is available on the AV Rental Information Website.

**Please Note: Please check with your sponsoring club or department prior to submitting the form below to make certain that applicable AV fees will be covered.**

 Responsibilities Toward the Hospitality Crew

You do not have any particular responsibilities toward the Hospitality Crew. You can expect that they will arrive to the event 30 minutes before it is scheduled to begin.

Cancellation Policy

If your chapel is canceled, notify the Convocation staff immediately. Approved event hosts may need to provide staff to inform students at the chapel location of the cancellation.