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Get Involved

The Convocation Series provides you with an excellent opportunity to get involved on campus and in the lives of our students outside of the classroom setting. While we understand the pressures that come with the workload you bear, we highly encourage you to volunteer to be a spiritual mentor for a student, lead a Club Convo small group, or just come to Chapel or another event within our series. When students see that you care about their spiritual development in addition to their academic development, it advances the type of environment at Pepperdine that differentiates us from our peer institutions.

You can sign up to be a spiritual mentor or Club Convo leader by filling out the form.


Please feel free to browse our site, especially the "Programs Offered" section to learn about the types of programs that you can get involved in. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We hope to provide you with all the help and resources that you will need to get involved and be successful at developing the spiritual lives of our students by leading them closer to Christ. Currently, we have several written resources if you want to propose an event for the Convocation Series, put together a Club Convo, or understand how best to structure a spiritual mentoring conversation. We are also happy to collaborate with you if you just want to talk through some of your ideas.

We also run semesterly qualitative and quantitative assessments on the Club Convo and the Spiritual Mentor programs and we are happy to share those results with any of our spiritual mentors or Club Convo leaders.