Programs Offered


Different Opportunities to Grow Your Faith

There are over 150 different opportunities each semester to fulfill the attendance requirement. Events within the Convocation Series range in size from a large assembly to one-on-one meetings, based on the type of program it is.

  • Wednesday Morning Chapel – This program takes place at 10 a.m. in Firestone Fieldhouse averaging around 1,200 students in attendance. This time is protected university-wide, meaning that no classes, meetings, events, athletic commitments, or student work shifts will be held during this time. Each unique program features various elements, such as worship, prayer, and a speaker or presentation from a Christian faith perspective.
  • Alternative Convos – Alternative Convos are medium-sized events (from 50-400 students) and are sponsored by various departments or clubs on campus or by the Convocation Office itself. These programs are sometimes part of a series and are usually offered in the evening. These programs are held in many different venues and could even be in your residence hall. As these are not regular events, be sure to regularly check our calendar so you don't miss out on a topic that interests you.
  • Club Convo Program – This is a small group program where you can request to be placed in one of about 20 different small groups offered by our office. Each group is made up of about 12 students and is led by a faculty or staff member, graduate student, or undergraduate upperclassman. Groups focus on a host of topics presented from a Christian faith perspective that aim to deepen students' relationship with Christ or understanding of Christianity, build their relationships with others, or develop a strong connection between their faith and current issues.
  • Language Chapels – Language Chapels are smaller weekly programs that include a devotional and a time of worship in a foreign language: Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Students must be taking language classes or have completed the requirement in the corresponding foreign language to attend.
  • Spiritual Mentoring Program – This is a one-on-one mentorship program where students can request to be paired with a Pepperdine faculty or staff member. You may request for us to pair you with a mentor, or you may ask a trusted faculty or staff member you know to be your mentor. Along with your mentor, you would complete four sessions of mentoring-focusing on values, beliefs, ethics, and other issues related to the Christian life.
  • Worship Chapels – Worship Chapels are smaller programs (50-200 students) including the student-led Celebration Chapel (held each Friday at 10:00 a.m. in Stauffer Chapel) and other programs that include a devotional and a time of student-led worship.