Language Chapels

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Language Chapels are weekly programs that include a devotional and a time of worship in French, Spanish, Arabic, and German. These events are put on in partnership with the department of International Studies and Languages, and these programs bring to life Pepperdine's value of diversity and faith.

Criteria for Attendance

Students must meet at least one of the following criteria to attend and receive Convocation credit for a Language Chapel:

  1. Currently enrolled in the language in which Chapel is held;
  2. Completed a course in that language during the previous semester;
  3. Placed out of the language through the International Studies and Languages department.
    • Information on language placement exams and processes can be found on the ISL website.
  4. Are fluent in the language of that Chapel and are given permission from the professor of that Language Chapel to receive Convocation credit for it. Directly contact professor for the Chapel you are seeking permission to attend: